Combining Creative Savvy
With Bottom-Line Awareness
to Keep You Growing.

Marketing Acceleration is a term we once coined at an investor conference that just seems to have stuck. It defines the work of a small number of professionals who can help you start a new business or launch a new product. This new breed of hired guns provides clients with hands-on creative ability to provide top to bottom marketing and communications expertise plus business experience and organizational development services.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand how important it is once you receive funding to set up departments and processes quickly. Our function here is to help you begin making sales and generating revenue as soon as possible.

As part of this specialty, Byrne & Remington provides an all-in-one solution for developing programs and getting them up fast and cost-effectively. We help you achieve the kind of creative polish and flair that gives you a unique identity and big splash in the marketplace.

We produce all our material and work ourselves and do not use account representatives or sales staff, which saves our clients precious time and money. As award-winning creatives, we have the ability to create collateral material, campaigns or plans that are unique and powerful – the kind that stand out from the competition.

Our extensive hands-on experience includes:

  • Creating award-winning direct response, public relations, Web site and online communications campaigns;
  • Building departments from the ground up;
  • Developing branding and identity strategies;
  • Crafting news releases and interfacing with the media to increase awareness and exposure;
  • Developing an integrated synergy to all your collateral and Web materials;
  • Devising effective trade show involvement and participation;
  • Developing back office functions to support front end initiatives;

Having been involved with a wide range of companies and organizations, our contact list, if ever needed, is extensive and includes sales, operations, customer service, production facilities, contracts, legal and marketing executives.


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