The Rules of the Road Have Changed.
We’ll Help You Find Your Way. 

In this new economic era, the companies and organizations that survive and prosper will be those that employ a business model that utilizes staff who are cross-trained and capable of acting decisively across multiple departments or even business lines.

It’s a road we know well at Byrne & Remington.

As entrepreneurs and team members of several successful start-ups and many company product launches, we possess the marketing and communications experience and business acumen to help you in many ways.

Our marketing and communications expertise cuts across all lines: Developing award-winning marketing, communications and Web/e-marketing programs. Establishing a strong brand and image. Building departments from scratch. Navigating the due-diligence and IPO process. And reaching across all departments to establish and nurture continuity and common purpose.

We’ve been there, done that, and can do it for you, too — without all the hassles and foot-dragging involved with your typical advertising or public relations agency.

We work directly with you so that we’re on the same page from the get-go. We don’t filter your work through account reps or sales people. That saves you time and having to repeat yourself over and over and over again.

We look forward to sitting down and talking with you about the challenges you face.

Denny and Ed


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