Putting Both Ends on the Same Page.

Because we have been involved in starting our own businesses and have served as team members of several successful start-ups, we know how vital the back office functions are. How many times have you seen Sales and Marketing teams sell a service or promote a new product that can’t be managed at the back end because of a lack of inventory control, incompatible billing software or insufficient capacity?

It happens. All the time.

We can help you establish the kind of departments, guidelines and processes that will help you avoid some of these pitfalls by actively:

  • Developing and initiating programs to ensure competitive bidding on all purchasing;
  • Managing as many of the promotional processes as you would like us to — everything from print management to fulfillment services to database management;
  • Providing you with status reports, budget updates and documented invoices through each step of our own project or contractual obligations (always);
  • Introducing you to the top talent in your field – the people who can help you in other areas, such as HR, regulatory, operations and facility management, and others.

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