Making Sure Trade Shows Are Deal Makers, Not Deal Breakers.

Business and trade seminars, meetings and conference participation can be very effective – if managed and planned to take full advantage of every opportunity. Without the right planning, though, trade shows and conferences can turn into a money pit full of wasted opportunities. We’ve been on all sides of the aisle – customer, vendor and program participant – and can help you achieve success by:

  • Planning, creating and setting up unique events that make you stand out and provide you with services that run the gamut: from booth development and premium programs to complete trade show management
  • Developing special events specifically for sales, on site and off;
  • Creating, writing and producing print, Web site and print/e-registration brochures for mailings;
  • Setting up speaker programs and panels;
  • Creating and securing partnership opportunities;
  • Producing signage and other conference material;
  • Developing Power Point and video presentations;
  • Selecting and booking suitable space and negotiating pricing.

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