Getting Your Message Into Publications That Matter Most.

As former news executives (on both the editorial and business side), we know how the media works — inside and out. We have worked for and with daily newspapers, business publications, wire services and trade and newsletter publishers and know what editors, reporters and writers look for in a story. We can help you increase your media exposure and credibility as well as enhance your brand and image through:

  • Running complete programs, including writing news releases, articles, media kits and other media-related material, such as video and editorial supplements;
  • Setting up press conferences, speaker bureaus and media tours to widen your media coverage;
  • Talking to the press for you and pitching articles and arranging one-on-one meetings;
  • Training your own staff on the most effective ways to deal with the media;
  • Making all necessary arrangements to get your press releases on the wires, in the mail and on the net;
  • Keeping your name and news message in front of your customers through news “recycling.”


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