Driving Sales With Promotion That Prompts Action.

We cut our teeth in sales promotion — in direct response marketing as well as direct sales. We’ve launched sales promotions for publishers, catalogues, businesses (both consumer and business-to-business) and non-profits.

After all, revenue generation is the bottom line …. and we understand that better than most, whether it’s making quota, margins or generating new leads. We can help you get your products or services noticed and get them on the fast track by:

  • Creating integrated direct response, general advertising and e-marketing campaigns to generate sales;
  • Working directly with your sales and marketing departments to develop programs that increase their leads —and, even more importantly, their sales;
  • Developing catalog and other resource guides;
  • Developing and executing merchandising campaigns with point-of-sales materials;
  • Conducting competitive research and sales strategies;
  • Obtaining and negotiating co-op agreements with partners to help extend your sales reach cost-effectively.


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