Leveraging Your Brand to Make You Stand Out From the Clutter.

Your image is everything. After all, consumers and companies buy brands, not products. So it’s essential that you stand behind a carefully crafted image that will sell, maximize your leverage and stand the test of time.

We know what it takes for you to establish an effective image in the marketplace — we’ve been there. We have done it for many companies and can help you determine your positioning and differentiation so you stand out from your competitors. We have showcased our techniques for effective strategic branding and marketing through presentations at professional conferences and can help in many ways such as:

  • Crafting a unique and integrated approach and “master plan” for all your marketing and communications that positions and differentiates you from the competition;
  • Establishing corporate and organizational identity guidelines;
  • Conducting in-house training on branding, marketing and public relations/media techniques;
  • Creating and applying a unique copywriting style to all your external (as well as internal) marketing and communications materials that binds and strengthens your message, brand and image;
  • Leveraging your brand through co-op and partnership agreements and cross selling;
  • Creating logos, tag lines and mission statements;
  • Developing talking points and message points so that key departments (as well as the entire organization) stay consistent and remain focused on the company’s message and mission.


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